Lordís Day 24, June 17, 2018


You are the light of the world. (Matthew 5:14a)As we gather together, let us rejoice in God that He has

made us His light in this world. May He use this day of rest to strengthen our light to shine more brightly.


A hearty welcome to our visitors today! We pray that God will bless you in our midst as we worship Him together. Please join us after the worship services for refreshments and fellowship.



Morning Service Ė 9:30 a.m.

Silent Prayer (concluded by singing PH 292:2)
*Song of Approach  PH 37
*Call to Worship   
*Confession of Dependence
     M: Congregation, in whose name is your help?
      C: Our help is in the name of the LORD,
           the Maker of heaven and earth.
*God’s Greeting
*Song of Adoration  PH 96:1-4
God’s Law and Promise
Song of Confession  HP 34
Congregational Prayer
Offerings  1) Church  2) Christian Counselling Centre
Public Profession of Faith
*Song of Preparation  PH 378
Scripture Reading  Matthew 5:1-20
Text  Matthew 5:14-16
Sermon  Christ’s Followers are Visible to the World
                      1)  What is the Light?
                      2)  What is the Bowl?
                      3)  What is the Lampstand?
Prayer of Application
*Song of Response  PH 400
*The Benediction
*Closing Song  PH 135:1,4

Afternoon Service Ė 3:00 p.m.

Silent Prayer (concluded by singing PH 489)
*Song of Approach  PH 317:1-3
*Call to Worship
*Confession of Dependence
    M: Congregation, in whose name is your help?
     C: Our help is in the name of the LORD,
          the Maker of heaven and earth.
*God’s Greeting
*Song of Adoration  PH 327
*Confession of Faith  Apostles’ Creed (p. 3)
*concluding doxology  PH 317:4
Reading through the Psalms  Psalm 107
Congregational Prayer
Offering  Christian Counselling Centre
*Song of Preparation  PH 249
Scripture Reading  I Kings 3
Text  I Kings 3
Sermon  A Wise King with a Discerning Heart
Prayer of Application
*Song of Response  PH 257
*Closing Song  PH 326



Next Sunday, Lord willing, we will gather to hear the Lord speak to us in His Word:

AM Service: Lordís Day 44Be Perfect as your Heavenly Father is Perfect

PM Service: I Kings 4The Great Wisdom of Solomon Displayed



June 17

June 24

July 1




Fam. B. Clarke


Fam. J. Ellens


Fam. John Feddema


Fam. J. Cowell

Fam. H. DeJong

Fam. W. Feddema


Owen Veenendaal

Josh Baker

Wiebren DeBoer

Mike Rooth

Steve Anjema

Dave Vanoostveen


Mark & Hedda Hoogendoorn

Jack & Jennifer Pranger

Jack & Jennifer Pranger

Hank & Marg VanderSleen

Hank & Marg VanderSleen

Archie & Marianne Nugteren



Adrian & Margaret

Van Rooyen

Alvin &Hermena Brunsveld

Jon & Jocelyn Westerhof



Christian Counseling Centre

Tuition Assistance

Mission of Tears

(Karen Bultje)

NURSERY Rm.1:††††



Rm. 2:

Jocelyn Westerhof

Jo Anjema

Emily McLachlan

Debbie Bork

Hedda Hoogendoorn

Kaitlyn Anjema

Rachel Dekker

Pam VanderMeyden

Vera Hoogendoorn

Sarah Mulder

Maaike Dejong

Bethany Zekveld

Christy VanderDeen

Lianna Leistra

Anna Vandermeyden

Arlene Veenendaal

Trisha Bouma

Janine Bouma

P.M.†† Rm. 1:



Irene VanderDeen

Mary-Beth Anjema

Nicole Talsma

Adrianna Westerhof

Sue Bork

Jessica Brunsveld

Kate Pastoor

Miranda Pennings

Marya Haklander

Jessica Brunsveld

Suzanna Westerhof

Nicole Prange

Mother for the Month

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Elishia Cowell††††††††††††



††††† ††††† This Sundayís Second Offering is for Christian Counseling Centre.CCC provides Christian

††††† counseling services to the individual, the family and the community.They aim to be a leading provider of Christian Counseling by promoting the blessings of the Christian community as

††††† they seek to recover, restore and renew relationships between God and people.For more ††† information visit http://christiancounselingcenter.ca.


††††††††† This morning, Lord willing, Seth Haklander, Vera Hoogendoorn, Jason Lammers,

††††††††† Dave Vellenga, and Johanna Westerhof will make public profession of faith in Jesus Christ.


††††††††† Next Sunday morning, Lord willing, the sign of seal of Godís covenant will be placed

††††††††† upon Jordan Mitchell, son of Johnny & Berthiene Feddema, in the sacrament of baptism.

Church Directory:Please add Ė

Kay Oatman and Dan Oatman:

5 Velma St., Strathroy,N7G 3L2

Kaeís phone no. Ė 519-245-4947

Danís phone no. Ė 226-973-5202


The Annual Church Picnic will be held Saturday, June 23 at the Kerwood Ball Park. Social time and games will start at 3:00 pm with supper starting at 5:00 pm.

Burgers and hot dogs will be served, and drinks will be provided. Families whose last name starts with A-L are requested to bring a dessert and families whose last names start with M-Z are requested to bring a salad or hot dish/ casserole. If your dish is gluten free please label as such.  At 3:00, before supper there will be some organized games for all ages.

After supper baseball for children, followed by baseball for high school age and up. So bring your food, plates, cutlery, coffee mugs, table cloths, lawn chairs, bats, gloves, and get ready for a fun day of Christian fellowship with one another! Please RSVP using the sign-up sheet on the table in the foyer. Any questions


The Summer Ladies Bible Study is going to study "How do you walk the walk you talk " by Kay Arthur.  If you would like to  join us , please talk to Hedda Hoogendoorn.


Young People: There is Sprucedale singing this Sunday. Lunch is provided for any who would like to join.


Teen Club is invited to the Anjema house on Sunday night. Please bring bathing 

suits and towels!


Registration is now open for this summerís Vacation Bible School. You are invited to register your children, grandchildren, friends and neighbours in Grades JK to Grade 5. We hope to meet, D.V., the week of July 30 to August 3.

We will sing old and new songs, make crafts, play games and hear Bible stories. We will learn the importance of wearing Godís Armor. Registration information is available on our churchís website. (www.strathroyurc.net). Forms may be found on the foyer table. Please place filled out forms in Evelyn (J) Leistraís church mailbox.

Thank you to the many volunteers who have signed up! Please contact Evelyn Leistra if you would like to help. (ejleistra@live.ca) (519)264-2014

Your prayers are covetted as we plan and prepare for this week of children ministry.


Library News:Beginning today, the church Library will be open following the morning service.Come and check out the books.  There is some great reading for all ages!


2018 PRC Graduation:  You are invited to attend the 2018 PRC Graduation ceremony to celebrate Godís faithfulness with our graduates and their families, on Monday, June 25 at the East Christian Reformed Church in Strathroy, 476 Metcalfe Street East, starting at 8:00 pm.  The PRC all-

school choir will also be singing a couple of selections


London Christian High Summer Volleyball Camp: August 13-17! The camp is open to students going into grades 6-9 this fall.††

Cost is $175/student. Registration is open now

at: http://www.ldcss.ca/volleballcamp Sign up today!

Everyone is invited to the 2018 London Christian High graduation ceremony on Friday, June 22 at Forest City Community Church (3725 Bostwick Road, London) beginning at 8pm. Join us as we celebrate these graduates and what God is doing in their lives!


Pray for the Persecuted Church (from Voice of the Martyrs Website)

Sentences Upheld (Source(s): Christian Solidarity Worldwide, The 88 Project Date: 07 June 2018)

†††† A 12-year sentence against Pastor Nguyen Trung Ton was upheld under appeal on June 4th, along with the sentences of three other human rights defenders. He was previously imprisoned in 2011 on charges of "anti-state propaganda," and had been kidnapped and beaten in February 2017.

†††† Arrested again on July 30th, 2017, Pastor Nguyen was convicted in April 2018 of "carrying out activities aimed at overthrowing the government." As part of a group called The Brotherhood for Democracy, he had been involved in supporting prisoners and their families, as well as advocating for democracy.

†††† Many organizations and governments around the world have been working on behalf of the pastor and his colleagues. Despite these pleas, the Vietnamese appeal court upheld the original sentence, meaning that he will not be eligible for release until 2029. Please remember to uphold Pastor Nguyen in your prayers. Also pray for his wife, Nguyen Thi Lanh, and their two children.


Our Church Family


Pray for our Missionaries and Mission workers:

Pastors Josť RamŪrez and Eric Pennings are serving with MINTS.

1) Please pray for the new Covenant of Grace Reformed Church of El Salvador denomination that Pastor Josť has recently established in El Salvador with five churches.

2) Pray for wisdom for Pastor Josť as he coordinates MINTS in Central America which increased by 250 students last year.  

3) Pray for Pastor Ericís role as MINTS International Academic Dean, for 322 graduates around the world in 2017 and for growth in their preaching, pastoring and teaching ministries.




Calendar for June 17-24, D.V.


Sunday, June 17

-Public Profession of Faith in am service

-service at Sprucedale at 1:30 pm


Thursday, June 21

-Hope Academy closing program, 7 pm


Saturday, June 23

-Menís Bible Study, Jonah 3-4 at 7 am

-Church Picnic


Sunday, June 24

-baptism in the morning service


Song of the Month: The Lordís My Shepherd, Iíll Not Want


Memory Verse::I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God. I trust in Godís unfailing love

                                                               forever and ever. (Psalm 52:8)

Counselling Support: Christian Counselling Center 1-866-833-2741info@christiancounsellingcenter.ca

Intern Bryce de Zwarte:226-378-1007, brycedezwarte@gmail.com.

Council chairman: Henk Pastoor 519-882-4940†††† hspastoor@gmail.com

Vice-chairman: Clarence VanderDeenvanderdeenc@gmail.com

Clerk: George Wiegers Ė purc.council@gmail.com

Pastor: Harry Zekveld Ė 519-246-1261, hzekveld@gmail.com

Bulletin Secretary: Liz Looper Ė 519-247-3702, lizlooper@hotmail.cadeadline:Thursdays, 4 p.m.